This programme is launched as a micro-incubator where we encourage one or two young entrepreneurs from under-resourced areas to grow a tech-based business over a period of three years, in a supportive and safe environment.  The tech-Zones are set up alongside our popular e-Zone micro-incubators, to ensure maximum support for the tech-Zone incubates and great impact in the local community.

This is a 3-year structured programme through which we support the young entrepreneurs to start up a company that will serve and empower their community through tech-based services and skills.  Whatever business they wish to start, for example: software training company, technical support skills, repairs and maintenance of hardware, mobile devices and user training, peripheral sales, we will guide the young entrepreneurs from idea phase, through feasibility checks, launch and implementation.  Our established infrastructure, experienced local staff, relationship with FET Colleges, private tech companies and partners in the tech industry, allows us to support them with all the resources to grow their business in the incubator and help them achieve a sustainable exit.


This programme takes place in the great outdoors and is an experiential learning camp.  This bootcamp is ideal for holiday periods or long weekends (minimum 5 days, maximum 7 days) to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.  A group of young people interested in exploring entrepreneurship as a career, are taken on a rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurial challenges.    From idea generation to lean canvas thinking, problem solving, treasure hunts, budgeting,  material purchasing, manufacturing and finally, how to make money.  The camp ends in a very fun day of sales and socializing with friends and family.  This is an adventure they will never forget.