Micro Business incubators

Our e-Zone micro-incubators are small, cost effective centres, easy to set up and designed to become self-sustaining within a short period of time. Entrepreneurs and job seekers are supported through the Angels Infrastructure to serve the local entrepreneurial community while developing their own skills.

Business e-Zone also offers a FREE web-based portal where companies can register RFP, RFQ and tender opportunities and where Black Business Suppliers can list their businesses. We advertise this portal on all our media and social media platforms. Click HERE to visit the e-Zone website.

Find an e-Zone micro-incubator near you: 

De Aar



Is your company interested in launching a  Business e-Zone as part of your Enterprise Development or Socio-Economic Development programme? Contact our sales team to discuss opportunities in your area.

Supplier Development Programme

It has become quite apparent that companies want to use localized suppliers for a better local content score, but more importantly, to also empower local people.   As part of our long term vision to develop local suppliers in the ED sector, we created the Angels Resource Centre ED Franchise (registered as a social franchise) through which we identify and develop professional ED Consultants.  Your investment in one of our Enterprise Development Programmes will launch the opening of an e-Zone micro business incubator from which the Franchisee will operate formally